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When it comes to the oral health of children, pediatric dentistry is an essential part of keeping your child healthy. From the first trip to the dentist to regular checkups and treatments, it’s important to understand how pediatric dentistry can help children maintain good oral health.

By establishing a positive experience for your child, Sila Dental can help them feel more comfortable about their future dental care. Our San Juan Capistrano, CA pediatric dentist is here to ensure that every child receives attentive, gentle care, whether it’s their first checkup or they’re experiencing a toothache.

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The caring and friendly dental team at Sila Dental can help get your child on a path toward excellent oral care for years to come!

Your Child’s First Trip to the pediatric Dentist

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be before their first birthday or when their first tooth appears. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children receive regular dental checkups every six months starting by age one.

At a child’s first dental checkup, our San Juan Capistrano dentist will check your child’s teeth and gums for any signs of decay or other oral problems. We will also assess how the teeth and jaws are developing and look for any signs of misalignment or related issues. Depending on the age of your child, we may also provide a preventative cleaning, fluoride varnish, or apply sealants to help protect teeth from cavities.

Our dentist may also request X-rays of your child’s teeth and jaws to get a better understanding of their oral health, tooth development, and underlying anatomical structures. If there are any areas of concern, we’ll talk to you about any potential treatment needs that may be necessary for your child’s teeth in the future.

During this visit, our team will also discuss dietary choices and oral hygiene habits, as well as tips on how to prevent cavities and maintain healthy teeth.

Your child’s first trip to the pediatric dentist is an important step in ensuring their overall health and well-being. With regular checkups, we can detect any problems early on and provide treatments to keep your child’s mouth healthy.

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Your children’s smile is incredibly important. Our highly trained and caring dental team at Sila Dental specializes in providing pediatric dentistry to kids of all ages, helping them achieve amazing, healthy smiles.

Common Dental Treatments for Kids

  • Dental fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Pulp therapy
  • Sealants
  • Cleanings and fluoride

Children’s Dental Fillings

It’s essential to treat tooth decay in children as soon as possible before the cavity spreads. Tooth decay can cause abscessed teeth, pain, and difficulty with eating or speaking. If not treated early, the infection can lead to more serious health problems, requiring hospitalization.

Regular dental visits help identify any cavities while they’re small, allowing for conservative treatments like dental fillings. Filling the cavity helps to prevent further damage and stops bacteria from spreading deeper into the tooth. Symptoms may include soreness, difficulty eating, or food getting caught in the teeth.

In most cases, small white fillings are recommended.

Dental Crowns for Kids

A dental crown is a restoration that is used to repair a tooth that has been severely damaged or decayed. A crown may be recommended for a child if the damage to the tooth is so extensive that other treatments, such as a filling, are not sufficient to restore it. Dental crowns are also commonly used to cover and protect a weak tooth from further breakage or to cover a tooth after a pulpotomy. In some cases, crowns are used to cover fractured teeth in order to improve the appearance and function of a smile.

When placing a crown on a child’s tooth, our San Juan Capistrano pediatric dentist will first numb the area and then remove any decay from the tooth. Then we shape the remaining tooth structure and attach a crown to the tooth, typically with special dental cement.

Dental Sealants

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children get sealants once their permanent molars come in, which is usually around age 6 or 7. Their second permanent molars typically erupt closer to age 12.

Sealants may also be recommended for children at higher risk of cavities, such as those who struggle with poor oral hygiene or have had cavities in the past. Each sealant is essentially a protective layer that safeguards the deep grooves and pits on hard-to-clean chewing surfaces.

Sealants are a safe and simple procedure that is relatively inexpensive and does not require anesthesia. Once applied, they can last for several years, depending on how well your child takes care of their teeth.

Children’s Dental Cleanings and Fluoride

During a routine dental cleaning, our hygienist will remove plaque and tartar that have built up on your child’s teeth, as well as polish and floss the teeth. We’ll also provide personalized oral hygiene instruction based on your child’s age and home care habits.

Fluoride is an important part of keeping your child’s teeth healthy. During a fluoride treatment, your child’s teeth are coated with a varnish or foam that helps strengthen the enamel and prevent cavities.

Both of these steps help protect your child’s teeth against decay and promote good oral health. Regular visits to the dentist can help ensure that your child is receiving the care they need to keep their teeth healthy and strong. We recommend cleanings and exams be scheduled every six months.

Pulpotomies, Pulp Therapy

If your child’s tooth is abscessed or has extremely deep areas of tooth decay, pulp therapy can prevent the need for a dental extraction. This measure also limits the risk of orthodontic complications associated with premature tooth loss.

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At Sila Dental, we’re passionate about helping our youngest generation stay healthy and smile wide! We strive to give children a lifetime of happy, strong teeth through preventive dental care.

Does My Child Need X-rays?

It’s important for children to have regular dental X-rays to keep their teeth healthy. X-rays allow dentists to identify problems that are too small to be seen by the naked eye, such as cavities between teeth and infections below the gums. X-rays can also help diagnose other potential issues, such as impacted teeth and orthodontic concerns, which can be treated early on to avoid further complications down the road.

X-rays are usually recommended once a year, depending on your child’s age and dental history. Full-mouth X-rays may be needed less often for purposes related to wisdom tooth exams or orthodontic screenings. It’s important to keep in mind that dental X-rays use very low doses of radiation, making them completely safe for children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see a pediatric dentist?

Most dentists recommend that parents schedule an appointment with their regular dentist or a local pediatric dentist six months after the first eruption of the first baby teeth or shortly after your baby’s first birthday.

What is a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist, also called a pedodontist, has an extra two to three years of specialized training after dental school and specializes in diagnosing and treating dental problems in infants, children, and teenagers.

How can parents help prevent tooth decay?

Parents should take their little ones to the pediatric dentist regularly, beginning within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or no later than the age of one. That way, the pediatric dentist can identify any new and potential oral health issues during each visit. Plus, your child’s dental care provider will give you useful tips on how to teach them healthy habits such as proper brushing & flossing techniques, as well as following a balanced diet to help prevent potential problems from developing and give your child a lifetime of healthy habits.

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My children and I have been patients of Sila Dental for the past 8 years. I am so grateful for finding a Dental practice that genuinely cares for their patients. They continue to take great care of us with every visit. The entire staff works wonderfully with my children. Amber in the front office is always so sweet and supportive, and she thoroughly explains everything from procedures to billing. Audri is amazing with so much quality in her diverse range of responsibilities. Dr. Kia Ebrahim is wonderful with my kids, it’s actually heartwarming. Summer is the best hygienist I’ve ever encountered. It’s such a pleasure to be treated with such care and consideration! We LOVE Sila Dental!

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